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AllStaff Nursing Agency Great Bend Kansas

Healthcare Staffing Services

Trusted by Healthcare Centers

AllStaff Nursing Services is devoted to providing the finest, most responsive healthcare staffing. That is the reason we take special care to choose just the most exceptionally qualified, accomplished medical nurses to work with us. We have practical experience in supplying nurses qualified in a range of medical specialties, and evaluate our employees regularly to ensure that quality nurses work at your facility.

AllStaff Nursing Agency Great Bend Kansas
AllStaff Nursing Agency Great Bend Kansas
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The Best in the Business

Knowledge base competency testing is completed upon hire by all RN’s (Registered Nurses) & LPN’s (Licensed Practical Nurses). This competency testing includes, Systems Assessments, Medication Calculations, IV Therapy, Medical Terminology, Diagnostic Interventions, and Medication related Lab Monitoring, PICC Line, and Central Line Care.


CNA & CMA competency is also done upon hire.  Employees must receive a score of 80% or greater on all testing. Professionals are also encouraged to focus their continuing education classes on the topic they scored the lowest in. Skill checklists are also completed  to ensure that nurse staffing has the necessary skills for a particular assignment.

Before hiring, employees are verified using the KBI background check and KDAD criminal background check. Additionally, KDHE certification is authenticated for CMAs and CNAs. All nurses are authenticated through KSBN.

AllStaff Nursing Agency Great Bend Kansas

Here to Serve You

Our nurses are available to staff your healthcare facility:  24 hours a day, 7 days a week, including holidays and weekends.

We take special care in supplying your medical institution with the best choice of qualified nurses at reasonable service rates. Contact AllStaff Nursing Services today to discover exactly how much we can accomplish for you!

Our nurse registry offers the best options to fit your needs. If you provide healthcare services to the State of Kansas and you require reliable nurse staffing, AllStaff Nursing Services is here for you.

Our Employees are Trained at the Time of Hire for Compliance on the Following Topics:

  • Dementia and Alzheimer’s Caregiving

  • Infection Control Orientation

  • Fire Safety be Alert Not Alarmed

  • Disaster Safety


  • HIPPA Privacy

  • HIPPA Security

  • Patient Safety

  • Patient Rights

  • Elder Abuse and Neglect

  • Blood Borne Pathogens

  • Needle Stick Prevention

  • Hand Washing

  • Tuberculosis ID and Control

  • Effective Listening and Communication

  • Harassment Is…

  • Defensive Driving

  • Pain Management

  • Customer Service

  • Biological Threats in Healthcare

  • Safe Winter Driving

  • Protecting Your Back

  • Service Excellence a Time to Care

  • Medication Management Preventing Errors (RN’s, LPN’s, CMA’s)

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